Do you need some help finding peace?

Life is difficult. That. Is. An. UNDERSTATEMENT. We have to go through the crisis, BUT we don’t have to camp there. Let Jeff at Mind & Soul Care help you problem-solve to move past the crisis, find peace while you are doing so, and get to the victory on the other side!

Mental Health Coaching

Real-world problem-solving to help you deal with stress, worry, sadness, whatever. No diagnosis to interfere with your insurance or medical record. You aren’t looking for a label, right? You just want help, happiness, and a better quality of life! Practical solutions and problem-solving to help you find peace. And if you are wanting to stay out of the doctor’s office or hospital for this stuff, we can do our best to help you do that, too.

Spiritual Care & Consulting

Where is God at in all of my mess? Let Jeff help you see how Jesus really is Good News in the middle of all of the difficulty. There is HOPE!

Affordable, Private-Pay Rates

No insurance billing. Help with a low overhead. Just you and Jeff working out a fair rate to get you some help and back on your feet. Getting you to a place you don’t need to pay Jeff for more help. We do accept HSAs and FSAs, too!

End-of-Life Care Consulting

“My parents are aging ~ What do I do!?” “Mom has dementia, and I am about to pull my hair out!” “I have a terminal diagnosis, and I need some helping understanding what is going on.” “The nursing home won’t let me see my loved one because of ‘COVID.'”

Let Jeff help you navigate these things. He’s been doing it for years and can walk you through it.

Click HERE for a free e-booklet to help you if you think you or a loved one could be dying.

Grief Care & Coaching

Having trouble with grief? Are you angry all of the time? Feel like you are living in a fog? Call Jeff and let him give you some tools to make it a little easier.

Mobile Office ~ Meet Near You

No expensive office space. No sign out front to make you feel funny about having your car parked at a “Therapy Office.” Just you and Jeff sitting down at home, at a coffee shop, wherever, even online via telehealth talking and problem-solving.

Testimonial Coming Soon!

Jane Doe, Client

Testimonial Coming Soon!

John Doe, Client


Mind & Soul Care is Jeff McCarty’s mobile Nurse Coaching and Spiritual Advising based in the Louisville, KY Metro area.

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