Mental & Spiritual Consulting

Real-world, affordable, and convenient problem-solving to help you deal with stress, worry, sadness, especially depression, anxiety, stress, church & ministry-related wounds, grief, aging issues, and end-of-life needs. No diagnosis to interfere with your insurance or medical record. You aren’t looking for a label, right? You just want help, happiness, and a better quality of life! Practical solutions and problem-solving to help you find peace. And if you are wanting to stay out of the doctor’s office or hospital for this stuff, we can do our best to help you do that, too.

Speaking and Preaching

Jeff will speak at your church, event, conference, or even in your home.

~ Bible Preaching & Teaching

~ Mental & Spiritual Health Issues

~ The Church & Today’s Issues

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House Church Leader Training

Jeff is available to train church leaders for simple ministry, and he especially loves to train leaders for house churches.

Are you interested in being the church in a simple way, reaching your neighbors for Christ, and being part of God’s work in an exciting and new/old way? Do you sense that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is meant to be more than looking at the back of heads and sitting in pews? Reach out, and let’s talk!

About Jeff

Jeff is a Minister of the Gospel recognized by the Evangelical Association (www.evangelicalassociation.org), as well as a Registered Nurse. He has served 20+ years in pastoral ministry to various ages.  Jeff’s last ministry leadership role in an established church was that of Lead Pastor at St. James Church (SJC) in Louisville, Kentucky from 2010 to 2018.  During that time, SJC grew spiritually and numerically, becoming a beacon of the Gospel in the community near Churchill Downs in Louisville.  Ask Jeff sometime to tell you the story of God’s work there, as he loves to tell how God moved to make that former UCC church a Bible-preaching, evangelism-minded church in a tough neighborhood of south Louisville. In late 2021, after taking a few years off from local church ministry to re-charge and seek the Lord, Jeff began volunteering as a Bible Teacher with a beautiful group of God’s people at a house church in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Jeff holds two ministry degrees, the highest of those being a Master’s degree focused on Soul Care and Counseling. Besides also holding three degrees in nursing, Jeff is pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing with a focus as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  In the healthcare realm, Jeff has a special interest in helping those struggling in their emotions and spiritual lives, memory care, aging issues, and end-of-life care.  Besides his work with Mind & Soul, he currently works as a hospice nurse. Jeff plans to complete his board certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse in 2023.

Jeff established the marketplace ministry, Mind & Soul, in 2017 as an extension of the ministry of the local church. Through Mind & Soul, Jeff provides coaching for those who are struggling with mental and spiritual hurts, specializing in depression, anxiety, stress, church & ministry-related wounds, grief, aging issues, and end-of-life needs. He writes and interacts with the Bible, the church, culture, politics, and today’s issues through media (podcasts, videos, & sermons). Jeff is available to help in church leader training and, in particular, help starting house churches. He is available for preaching, teaching, and speaking at churches, events, and even homes.


Mind & Soul is guided by the philosophy that in essentials there is unity, in nonessentials there is freedom, and in all things there is love.

Mind & Soul affirms the Bible as the inspired Word of God and the sole basis for our beliefs. We believe the essentials of the faith include the deity of Jesus Christ, God’s love demonstrated to us through the atoning sacrifice and resurrection of His Son, and the justification of sinners by grace through faith. We affirm the truths included in The Apostles Creed. A more specific statement detailing important doctrines of the faith may be found below:

Recently my nephew Greg was diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis of the liver. Even though my sister could see this coming, to actually have the diagnosis and life expectancy was devastating. There was no hope and unfortunately not much help to know and understand what to do next! I reached out to Jeff McCarty and his help was invaluable. He advised my sister on THE TRUTH of the situation and offered step by step instructions on the choices that were before her to help her son. Jeff also was inspirational to give scriptural guidance and prayed with my sister and my nephew. For Greg there was no more hope to live but with Jeff’s help there was comfort, guidance and help to know what to do when there is no hope. I highly recommend Jeff McCarty and Mind and Soul Care when you need comfort and guidance in the most difficult of times.

Cindy W.

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